EOS Defense Systems USA Exhibits Portfolio of Remote Weapon Stations at Crew Served Weapons Industry Demonstration

EOS Defense Systems USA, Inc. (EOSDS USA) showcased its portfolio of remote weapon stations (RWS) at the 2022 Crew Served Weapons (CSW) Industry Demonstration, highlighting the precision, efficiency and flexibility of the R400S and R600MC. The live fire event was held at the Close Quarters Tactical Range in Cusseta, GA, May 3-6 and featured participation from members of the U.S. Army, National Guard, Marines and Special Forces, as well as contracting office personnel from Picatinny Arsenal.

EOSDS USA demonstrated its RWS across a variety of platforms with a wide range of weapons, showcasing the systems’ flexibility. The company achieved accurate effects on targets at distances ranging from 400m to 1000m. EOSDS USA performed multiple fire missions that transitioned from one target to the next within seconds, proving superior precision in transitioning fire missions.  

During EOSDS USA’s demonstration, one R400S was armed with a Dillon Aero M134 Gatlin Gun, a six-barreled, electrically driven 7.62mm machine gun which fires 3,000 shots per minute. By placing accurate bursts at a high rate of fire on successive targets at multiple ranges, EOSDS USA demonstrated how it transforms the M134 into a devastating point engagement system that reduces rounds expended and increases system stowed kills.

The second R400S was armed with a MK19 40mm belt-fed automatic grenade launcher. Using the R400S, EOSDS USA was able to demonstrate the dramatically increased accuracy of the MK19 as a precision weapon, compared to its typical use as an area suppression weapon. The company achieved precise shot groups up to 1000m, the maximum distance available on the range. Both R400S were mounted on light, tactical vehicles, HMMWV and Polaris DAGOR.

The R400S, EOS’ flagship RWS in service worldwide, can be configured as a single or dual weapon system to operate a variety of weapons ranging from a M240B to a M230LF. In a dual configuration it is equipped with the M230LF and 7.62mm MG (and optional missile) to provide significant, flexible lethality normally reserved for armored vehicles. Fully loaded, the system has an above-the-roof weight of less than 1,000lbs.

EOSDS USA also exhibited the R600 Missile Carrier (MC) in action for the first time. The system was armed with a Northrop Grumman M230LF 30x113mm cannon, M240B 7.62mm machine gun and four Javelin anti-tank guided missiles (that were not fired at the demonstration), showcasing the system’s tailorable lethality. EOSDS USA exhibited its signature precision achieving first round hits on targets out to 1000m.


The R600MC was mounted on an Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) and can be mounted on other medium wheeled or tracked vehicles. The system is the only RWS that provides both medium caliber firepower and the added lethality of multiple anti-tank or anti-air missiles, all within a system weighing less than 1,600lbs.

The company also showcased its sensor unit, equipped with cooled-thermal optics that proved effective during the CSW Night Fire event. The second-generation display unit features audio and video recording of all armed firing with removable storage, offering commanders the option to review each fire mission. This stand-alone feature doesn’t affect any software in the system, protecting the RWS from foul play.

Industry participants were given the opportunity to fire the systems and validate for themselves the exceptional precision the RWS provides. Participants were able to achieve first round hits on targets up to 1000m with minimal instruction and oftentimes no previous weapons experience. Feedback from participants indicated they were impressed by the systems’ accuracy and ease of use.

About EOS Defense Systems, USA Inc.

EOS Defense Systems USA (EOSDS USA) is an Alabama-based manufacturing company and the US defense subsidiary of Australian-based EOS Pty Ltd of Canberra, Australia, which is a global leader in the design, development, production and support of remote weapon stations (RWS). EOSDS USA produces a family of fully stabilized RWS that can be integrated on various vehicle platforms and used for different mission profiles. EOSDS USA’s systems ensure full weapon readiness and enhanced protection for the warfighter. To learn more about EOSDS USA, visit https://www.eosdsusa.com.

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