about us

EOS Defense Systems USA specializes in technology for weapon systems optimization and integration, ISR and C4 systems. Key products are next-generation remote weapon systems, vehicle turrets, counter-UAS and C4 systems. Our products give the US warfighter and allies the tactical advantage on the modern battlefield.

Its parent company, Electro Optic Systems Pty Ltd, is a leading international technology corporation operating in the global aerospace and defense markets. EOS products incorporate advanced electro-optic applications based on EOS core technologies in software, laser, electronics, optronics, gimbals, telescopes, beam directors and precision mechanisms. The company has built a strong reputation as a provider of weapon system technology for over 25 years to a variety of customers including the USA, Singapore, the Republic of Korea, NATO, the UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Australian Defense Forces.

Currently, EOS has more than 2,100 RWS in service with customers worldwide and is under contract to deliver more than 1,100 additional stations over the next five years. The company also holds numerous patents for next-generation technology.



We're dedicated to building the best Remote Weapon Stations in the world, putting the warfighter first, and being professional, fair and honest in all that we do.



Brigadier General (Ret)

Phil Coker

Chief Executive Officer

Brigadier General (Ret) Phil Coker served with the US Army in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East as a Cavalry Officer and Analyst for 32 years.

After retirement, he joined the defense industry as a Director, ultimately managing four production facilities in the US and UK, building robots and command and control systems for the Department of Defense and Law Enforcement customers.   He was one of the founding members of the Heartspur Group, and served as the VP of Operations. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy, holds a Master’s Degree in Systems Management from USC and received a Certificate in Executive Coaching from the University of Texas in Dallas.

He has extensive experience in government pursuits, new product development, leadership training, holds a certificate in executive and leadership coaching, and has been giving keynote addresses for over 20 years.


Steve Below

Vice President, Operations and Business Development

Steve Below has over twenty-five years of business development experience.  He is a graduate of Clemson University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and holds Master of Science degrees in Electromagnetic Theory and Information Management.

His broad-based strategic planning career has given him hands-on knowledge of conducting client needs assessments, creating a shared sales vision and building strategic alliances. Perhaps more important is his ability to evaluate company/client needs, and then develop a solution that meets those needs.

In addition, he holds Quality Management System certifications in CMMI and ISO.