Defense Systems

At the core of the EOS portfolio is a range of remote weapon stations (RWS) developed to answer a wide spectrum of requirements, from providing self-defense for light tactical vehicles to medium caliber systems for armored vehicles. Having pioneered the RWS market, EOS continues to develop its products, and today is the only company in the world to offer a RWS capable of mounting all weapons ranging from 5.56 cal to 30x173mm cannon in multiple configurations. The system fires precisely at aerial, maritime and ground-based moving targets. Our family of RWS systems, including the ultra-light R150S, are capable of integrating various missile systems including Javelin missiles.

Space Technologies

EOS Space Systems is a global leader in the design, manufacture, delivery and operation of sensors and systems for space domain awareness (SDA). For more than 35 years, EOS has directed telescopes, sensors, and energy beams into space to identify, characterize, and track objects. EOS provides SDA infrastructure, unique tracking and collision avoidance capabilities to allies and partners globally.


EOS Defense Systems USA specializes in technology for weapon systems optimization and integration, ISR and C4 systems. Key products are next-generation remote weapon systems, vehicle turrets, counter-UAS and C4 systems. Our products give the US warfighter and allies the tactical advantage on the modern battlefield.

Recent News

EOS Space Contract

NOAA Selects EOS Defense Systems USA to Provide Electro Optic Data and Satellite Laser Ranging Data

EOS Defense Systems USA, Inc. (EOSDS USA) has been awarded two contracts with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Office of Space Commerce. The first contract will provide commercial satellite laser ranging (SLR) data for NOAA’s Open Architecture Data Repository, with the second contract providing passive electro-optical observations. In order to respond to the…

CROWS on M1114 UA HMMWV in Iraq

RWS Pioneers: Innovators in On-the-Move Firepower

EOS’ history dates back to 1983, when Dr Ben Greene, an advisor to NASA, and a group of scientists formed the company as a result of Australian Defence Force (ADF) Bushmaster in action the privatization of Australia’s satellite tracking program, for whom they had worked. EOS began by developing systems intended for space use, particularly…

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