EOS Launches R400 Marine Remote Weapon Station

Electro Optic Systems (EOS) announced the launch of its R400 Marine (R400-M) remote weapon station (RWS) at a special event held at the INDO PACIFIC 2022 International Maritime Exposition.

Currently in production for a major overseas customer, the R400-M is a precise RWS capable of deploying 30mm firepower on a system weighing less than 1000lbs. The marine system maintains the same sub-milliradian accuracy and flexible ballistic protection as EOS’ portfolio of land based RWS but adds sub-components and finishes more suitable for maritime operations.

The R400-M can be configured as a single or dual weapon system to operate a variety of weapons ranging from a M240B to a 30x113mm cannon. In a dual configuration it is equipped with the M230LF and 7.62mm MG (and optional missile) to provide significant, flexible lethality from a sea platform.

The Commonwealth of Australia has announced its plan to supply the R400-M remote weapon station as Government Furnished Equipment for the Australian Army’s Land 8710-1 Littoral Maneuver Vessel – Medium capability. The standard R400S is in service with the Australian Army and six other countries.

“The R400-M offers customers unprecedented firepower for lightweight platforms, as well as the ability to effectively counter drone threats and more conventional maritime adversaries. We are proud that the R400-M has been selected for Land 8710-1,” Matt Jones, CEO, EOS Defence Systems (Australia), said.

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