Eventful Month of August for EOS Defense Systems USA, Inc.

EOS Defense Systems USA is having an eventful August 2021!!

Huntsville, AL- EOS Defense Systems USA, Inc (EOSDS USA)., is set to have a busy month of August with three upcoming events supporting not only the defense sector, but also the other elements of the corporation.  Teams will participate in the Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium & Advanced Planning Brief for Industry (GVSETS & APBI) in Detroit, Michigan, the Space and Missile Defense (SMD) Conference in Huntsville, Alabama, and the 36th Annual Space Symposium, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

According to Brigadier General (Retired) Phil Coker, the CEO of EOSDS USA, “This level of activity offers an excellent insight into the breadth of our global corporation – we have team members in shows across the US representing the Defense, Space and Space Communications sectors of EOS.  In each of these areas the corporation is offering world-leading technologies that can measurably improve the tactical, operational and strategic position of the US and our allies.”

Beginning on August 10th, EOSDS USA will be attended and displaying the R400 Remote Weapon Station (RWS) and R600 Missile Carrier RWS at the GVSETS & APBI event, an annual three-day event dedicated to the engineering and technology of Military Ground Vehicles. EOSDS USA will also be able to interact, for the first time since early 2020, with Government representative from the Detroit Arsenal and other defense industry personnel.

Also beginning August 10th, EOS Space attended the SMD Conference. The SMD Conference is the leading educational, professional development and networking event in the space and missile defense community that is attended by leaders and professionals from the United States and our allies around the world. Jim Schwenke and Rob Zitz from SpaceLink attended to support the conference.

On August 23rd, EOS Space will travel to Colorado Springs, Colorado for the 36th Space Symposium. This space event will bring together space leaders from around the world to discuss, address and plan for the future of space. Steve Below and John Limperis from EOS DS USA will be attending to assist the SpaceLink. Normally, EOS Australia sends representation at this show, but due COVID rising again, they elected to remain in Australia.

The EOSDSUSA team has been preparing for these events for a number of months and is ready to show the business’ knowledge and plans for space and defense.

Director of Business Development for Defense, Chad Lemond, stated, “We’re excited to have these great opportunities to get back out and have face-to-face interactions with both the Government and our partners in the defense industry.  We’ll, of course, take every precaution to ensure we’re communicating as safely as possible.”