HSV to be U.S. Hub for New Defense Company

HSV to be U.S. Hub for New Defense Company

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A leading Australian technology and defense company has chosen Huntsville as its U.S. manufacturing hub.

In the first year 100 jobs will be created and around 150 will be added as the company grows.

Electro Optic Systems, or EOS, is the largest exporter of defense equipment in Australia and their second largest aerospace corporation.

They supply remotely controlled weapons systems for military forces around the world. The CEO says the first items built at the Huntsville plant will be exports.

"The Huntsville plant will be a very important part of meeting demand coming out of the Middle East, coming out of Europe, and ultimately we expect there will also be demand from U.S. Armed Forces as well, in fact there are very strong overtures already," said CEO Ben Greene.

Their involvement in the space sector will be worked on more in the Rocket City.

"When you get into space the ability to point is one of the most precious things you can get and we do that wonderfully," said Philip Coker, President of EOS Defense Systems USA. "So our ability to identify things in deep space or in space that potentially could threaten or potentially could damage other things is very effective."

Company officials say Huntsville was a front runner for the facility.

"Next to the airport, you can't find that anywhere else other than here where you can walk across the street and literally send a piece of cargo around the world," Coker said.

City, county, and state leaders are glad to win over a company doing the high-tech defense work they've built their city on.

This will be a $2 million investment initially and the facility will be located off Wall Triana Highway.