Defense Products

When the First Round Matters

Remote Weapon Stations


The ultra-light R150 system is unique to the market. It’s fully stabilized, highly accurate, designed for 5.56mm, 7.62mm, .338 NM, .50 cal MG and 40 mm GMG weapons, and is suitable for both wheeled and tracked vehicles.

The reduced mass of the R150 enables it to be installed on a wider range of light tactical and logistics vehicles where the roof structure may not support the full weight of a larger RWS.

The system uses the EOS common user interface so an operator trained on the R400 can directly transition to an R150.


  • Light weight, compact to facilitate mobility and maneuverability
  • No below roof penetration
  • 75kg/165 gimbal and sensor unit
  • All sensors (laser range finder, day and thermal cameras) housed in a single compact unit


The Mk 2 can be configured as a single or dual weapon system to operate a variety of weapons including a machine gun, a 30mm lightweight cannon and an automatic grenade launcher through to the OrbitalATK M230LF 30mm cannon. In its dual configuration it is equipped with the M230LF, 7.62mm MG (and optional missile) to provide significant and flexible lethality from a land or sea platform.

The first round hit probability is provided through an enhanced integrated ballistic solution which analyses weapon and ammunition data; range and ambient environment in addition to vehicle attitude and dynamics. Performance can be further enhanced with optional video track of targets and multi-axis stabilization.

The advanced technology of the system combined with the lightweight 30mm ATK M230 LF cannon provides light vehicles with unprecedented access to firepower normally reserved for much heavier (armored) vehicles.

The R400S – Mk2 is in service with the Australian Army and five other customers.


  • A high precision single weapon capable of deploying 30mm firepower on a system weighing less than 400kg
  • 3-axis stabiliser
  • Flexible ballistic protection
  • Small dispersed control modules allow integration into tight internal vehicle spaces
  • Sub-milliradian accuracy
  • Integrated video tracker with video and audio recording options
  • Integrated firing inhibit zones with field adjustment
  • All sensors housed in a single compact unit
  • Full BIT with advanced logistics support
  • Plug-and-play compatible with other EOS weapon systems
  • Fully stabilised meteorological sensors
  • Coaxial MG and missile integration
  • Fourth axis stabilisation option


Using robust battle proven technology from best-in-class sensor and defeat system providers, the Titanis C-UAS capability can counter single drones within 8 seconds of detection out to a range of up to 10 km (6 miles).

The Titanis system is designed to not only defeat single drone threats but also swarm drone tactics recently observed in operational theaters across the Middle East.

The Titanis system detects the drone using state-of-the-art software defined, multi-mission, 4D AESA pulse Doppler radar. It tracks the threat using high precision infrared and daylight cameras and advanced video tracking software, before using a non-kinetic radio frequency (RF) inhibitor to defeat the drone. Should the RF inhibitor not be effective, Titanis switches to hard kill to destroy the drone.


  • Hard Kill Effector: Concentrated point defense
  • Directed Energy Effector: 26Kw high power laser
  • Radar: Pulse Doppler
  • RF Detection: Fully compatible with dense urban environments
  • Soft Kill Effector: Defeats - C2, video and/or navigation system
  • Camera: Thermal detection and tracking for individual or swarms


EOS has teamed up with Spirit of America to provide a Container Based Weapon System (CBWS) which can be operated remotely via wire or wireless utilizing FM radios. This solution is lightweight, mobile, inconspicuous and can be networked to provide security and situational awareness for any sized instillation.

EOS's Fire Control System is ATAK Compatible and can be networked to provide security and situational awareness for any size installation.

This container platform can accommodate 5,000 pounds of payload. Operations can be conducted both with and without the trailer. This container can operate from shore power (110 VAC), optional rechargeable batteries or mobile electric powers.

The retractable roof panel affords enough clearance to allow the deployment of the weapons. The stiffness of the container affords unequaled accuracy and precision for any weapon combination.


  • Light, maneuverable, adaptable
  • Inconspicuous: Looks like a standard shipping container
  • Firing Stability
  • Flexible: Options for multiple weapons and employment modes
  • Precision in accurate and tailored application of force
  • Can be moved with most light and medium vehicles
  • Includes options for anti-tank or anti-aircraft missiles


Day Electronic Imaging System uses a nominal x30 zoom lens to produce an image of the target scene on the day charge coupled device sensor. EOS optics incorporate the f/1.8 lens with a zoom capatabilty across the range from
‹ 1.2 ˚ › 34 ˚ frontal field of view.

Alphanumeric and graphic target data is overlaid on the thermal image on the LCD providing full surveillance and target engagement.

Eye-safe laser rangefinders provide accurate range measurement for engagement of vehicle size targets at ranges up to 10,000 m.


  • Thermal Imager
  • Eye-Safe laser Rangefinder
  • Cant and Elevation Sensors
  • Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure Sensors
  • Multiplexer


The R600S is a heavier remote weapon system capable of housing two weapons for maximum firepower, mission flexibility and responsiveness in operation. It integrates advanced surveillance capabilities including stabilized long-range sensors and will host combinations of 7.62 mm, 12.7 mm, 40 mm AGL, 30 x 113 mm and 30 x 173 mm.

This weapon system integrates advanced surveillance capabilities including stabilized long-range sensors and battlefield sector scanning with up to 200 programmable target reference points for rapid engagement of possible targets directly from surveillance.

The R600 is 'plug-and-play' compatible and is easily integrated with battle management systems.


  • Dual weapon configuration
  • Advanced surveillance capabilities
  • 'Plug-and-play' compatible
  • Rapid engagement of possible targets