The R150 is suitable for platforms where weight is constrained with a roof weight of 100kg (200lbs) before adding weapons and ammunition.

Mounting an array of weapons:  50 cal, .338 Normal Magnum, 7.62mm, 5.56mm & 40mm grenade launcher - the R150 has a benchmark of firepower and provides excellent self-defense capabilities.


Weighing less than 400 kg (880 lbs), the R400S provides a reliable, flexible and powerful remote weapon system for a broad range of platforms - wheeled or tracked.

The R400S is configurable for a single, dual or tri effector capacity. Performance can be further enhanced with optional video tracking of targets and multi-axis stabilization.


EOS has teamed with Perimeter Security Products to provide a Container Based Weapon System (CBWS). 

The CBWS can be operated manually or  wirelessly utilizing FM radios. EOS' fire control system (FCS) is ATAK compatible. 

Our solution is lightweight, mobile, inconspicuous and can be networked to provide security and situational awareness for any size installation.


The R800 is a heavy duty remote weapon station delivering the lethality of a full size medium caliber turret as a significantly lighter weight - no compromising on payload. 

Sensor Unit

Day electronic & thermal Imager provides a full surveillance and target engagement.

Eye-safe Laser Rangefinder to provide accurate range measurement (± 2.5m) for engagement of vehicle size targets at ranges up to 10000 m.


The R600S is a heavier remote weapon
system capable of housing two weapons for maximum firepower, mission flexibility and responsiveness in operation.

It integrates advanced surveillance capabilities including stabilized long-range sensors and will host combinations of
7.62 mm, 12.7 mm, 40 mm AGL, 30 x 113 mm and 30 x 173 mm.