Defense Systems

Advanced remote weapon stations (RWS), integrating lighter-weight gimbals, advanced electro-optics applications, transformative stabilization and multiple weapon mounting options

Space Technologies

Space Domain Awareness, Space Traffic Management, Orbital Debris Solutions and Laser Technologies utilizing EOS-developed instruments and sensors to detect, track, classify and characterize objects in space


Like a secure Wi-Fi network in space, SpaceLink combines robust, ubiquitous connectivity for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) spacecraft with a customer-focused approach and outstanding service quality.

EM Solutions

Most innovative microwave and on-the-move radio and satellite products that help to deliver high speed telecommunications anywhere in the world.

Recent News

New Laser to Help Clear the Sky of Space Debris – SciTechDaily

Researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) have harnessed a technique that helps telescopes see objects in the night sky more clearly to fight against dangerous and costly space debris. “Adaptive optics is like removing the twinkle from the stars.” The researchers’ work on adaptive optics – which removes the haziness caused turbulence in the atmosphere…

EOS Defense Systems USA, Inc. MLK Day of Community Service

HUNTSVILLE, AL – EOS Defense Systems USA, Inc. (EOS) spent the afternoon of January 18th participating in a community service project in honor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. The employees of EOS orchestrated a school supplies drive to gather needed classroom items for the students at McDonnell Elementary School (MES), located at 4010 Binderton…

Small and Mighty – Cans from Fans was a total success!

HUNTSVILLE, Al. – December 18, 2020 – It was a pretty tough decision for EOS Defense Systems USA, Inc. to make when we decided over a month ago to cancel the 2nd annual Christmas party, due to COVID, health and safety being the main concerns for the employees. This cancellation of course comes after numerous other…

EOS Celebrates First Production Unit in the USA

29 October 2020, Huntsville, Ala. — EOS Defense Systems USA, Inc. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited (“EOS” or “Company”) (ASX: EOS) today held a special gala event to celebrate the unveiling of the very first complete R400 remote weapon station (RWS) produced at its Huntsville, Alabama high-tech facility. The one-hour event…